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Top Of Rack Cabling Can Be Costlier In The Long Run – Lifehacker Australia

Todd Harpel, chair of the communication committee for the Communications
& Connectivity (CCCA) association, notes that choosing the right approach is essential to avoid ongoing maintenance hassles. “You need to prepare your
data centre
so you …

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Will Cat 8 Cabling Force A Topology Change In The Data Center?

Ken Hodge is Chief Technical Officer, Brand-Rex. He is a chartered engineer and a fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technology.

Work is advancing fast on Category 8 copper cabling which will find its applications primarily in data centers.  Like its predecessors, this “BASE-T” will be later to market than its co-ax and fiber-based competitors, but when it arrives, it will rapidly displace them because of its far lower cost.

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This Checklist Shows Every Step You Need When Moving A Data Centre – Lifehacker Australia

data centre
is a planned disaster in some respects,” Teodoro said. One area to be especially cautious? Make sure you purchase enough
. “I can't tell you how many times I've seen moves go awry because of
management,” Teodoro said.

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The Power of Port Replication in the Data Center

With so much more hitting the data center platform these days, how do admins keep up? How can you continue to deliver powerful performance and create that great end-user experience?

As most data center professionals can attest, bandwidth needs continue to increase for today’s business-driven technologies. This demand for higher bandwidth results in an increase in fiber optic ports for networking and storage.

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