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Implementing the Best Battery Maintenance Practices to Avoid Data Center Downtime

Scott Baer is Marketing Manager, Batteries, Emerson Network Power, Liebert Services. Baer joined Emerson Network Power in 1999 bringing with him extensive experience in both engineering and sales. A five-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Baer has a bachelor’s degree in technical management.

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Will Cat 8 Cabling Force A Topology Change In The Data Center?

Ken Hodge is Chief Technical Officer, Brand-Rex. He is a chartered engineer and a fellow of the Institute of Engineering Technology.

Work is advancing fast on Category 8 copper cabling which will find its applications primarily in data centers.  Like its predecessors, this “BASE-T” will be later to market than its co-ax and fiber-based competitors, but when it arrives, it will rapidly displace them because of its far lower cost.

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This Checklist Shows Every Step You Need When Moving A Data Centre – Lifehacker Australia

data centre
is a planned disaster in some respects,” Teodoro said. One area to be especially cautious? Make sure you purchase enough
. “I can't tell you how many times I've seen moves go awry because of
management,” Teodoro said.

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Schneider Electric StruxureWare™ Data Center Operation v7.4 Offers Increased Colocation Management Capabilities

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. – MAY 6, 2014 — Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today introduced StruxureWare Data Center Operation v7.4, which provides new capabilities and access to actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency throughout the data center life cycle.

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DCIM News from Data Center World

Data Center Infrastructure Management vendors continued the race to add features and functionality to their software with a number of announcements at last week’s Data Center World conference in Las Vegas. Companies added to what their solutions can do by both building new features themselves and integrating with partners.

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3 Key Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Data Center

It’s time to go green. Every data center is looking to cut power consumption, while maintaining the highest level of service. But achieving real energy efficiency is easier said than done. Sprawling and convoluted infrastructures make it hard to discern power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center infrastructure efficiency (DCIE). Data centers end up “flying blind” when it comes to really understanding and optimizing power consumption.

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The Power of Port Replication in the Data Center

With so much more hitting the data center platform these days, how do admins keep up? How can you continue to deliver powerful performance and create that great end-user experience?

As most data center professionals can attest, bandwidth needs continue to increase for today’s business-driven technologies. This demand for higher bandwidth results in an increase in fiber optic ports for networking and storage.

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Key Strategies to Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency in the Data Center

One the biggest data center initiatives within the modern organization directly revolves around various infrastructure efficiencies. This can be both physical and logical in nature. With all of these advancements and new technologies, the hope was that adding, moving, decommissioning and renaming devices in the data center should have been a simple process.

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